One of my fondest childhood memories was watching ‘Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home’ on PBS in my parents room. There was something enticing about the way they cooked. Funny thing is that I didn’t know who Julia Child and Jacques Pepin were at the time! It was only until high school where I realized I had an interest for food. I recognized their faces and that moment instantly took me back to my parents room.

After graduating high school, I wanted to go to culinary school. That was the plan. Oh, but how it shattered. My parents told me ‘no’. Plain and simple. No questions asked. They were even upset with me! So, I went to college.

I graduated with a B.S. in Health & Nutritional Sciences from Brooklyn College in 2011. Upon graduation, I figured it was finally time to do what I’ve always wanted. I attended culinary school at The French Culinary Institute, formerly known as The International Culinary Center, and graduated in 2012.

There’s so much out there the world has to offer and I’m just trying to see it all. Follow me and my daily shenanigans.

Brooklyn. Born and raised. Just another cook, currently living in Seattle, WA.

What’s really good?
‘I’m a Brooklyn boy I may take some getting used to’ – Jay-Z


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