Somewhere, Sometime Ago – Roadtrip 2012: Bryce Canyon National Park

I know I’ve been MIA for several months but it comes with reason. I’ve been working on another blog, Another Couple’s Blog, that focuses on me, my girlfriend, & our travels. I thought it would be a fun project to try out and it’s been going pretty well. Unfortunately, that has led me to neglect my own blog but no worries, I’m back and posting again!

Planning a road trip? or just want to do a little research before you go on one? Here’s the next segment in my series, Somewhere, Sometime Ago – Roadtrip 2012.

..and continuing my road trip series, we’re headed off to Bryce Canyon National Park!

I remember driving through the night. I was the one that offered first because I was tired. Heh, I was wrong. There was a part of the drive where I swerved the car a little, waking everyone up. It was then when I finally decided to pull into a gas station or parking lot and had to let someone else drive.

We arrived to Bryce Canyon National Park and couldn’t figure out how to get to Sunrise Point. The signs were there but it was pointing us to the wrong direction. It was cold and dark. All of us are scrambling around getting a little antsy because we didn’t want to miss the sun rise after driving all this way.

This was when tempers starting flaring a bit between my cousin and I. I remember telling her it was one way when she disagreed and said it was the other. More on that later.

We finally get to the view point and wait. It’s freaking early but there are other people there already. While waiting for the sun to rise, this was when the argument between my cousin and I broke out. I don’t remember what we were arguing about but we were yelling at each other in public. Yep. I’ve never made a scene before but this would be it.

Come to think of it, I’m a little embarrassed that we acted that way considering we’re grown adults.

As the sun rose and the bright morning light lit up the canyon, the view was breathtaking. I’m standing there wondering how in the hell did this formation come to be but then, I don’t want to know the answer to that because I’m sure it’ll be one long geology session.

All I know is that I’d want to take my girlfriend there if we’d ever get a chance to.

We didn’t stay here for long  as we had an agenda to keep to. The next stop? Arches National Park!


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