Somewhere, Sometime Ago – Road Trip 2012: Zion National Park – The Subway Route

‘Zion Wilderness’

That’s what the sign read. There were cars parked at the trail head so we knew we weren’t alone. The hike would be strenuous. One that included scrambling over boulders, crossing creeks, and finding/navigating our way to The Subway. Jullet had mentioned this to me prior to the trip and it’s suppose to be beautiful. Only mother nature would be capable of creating something such as this.

I remember following the marked trail and it took us near a port-a-potty. It REEKED. The trail eventually tapers off and ended. I was confused. Where were we suppose to go now? One thing for certain, we needed to get as far away from that stench as soon as possible.

The girls assured me that we were on the correct path and just had to continue and follow through. I thought there would be an actually trail that we would follow. Sketchy? Yes. But who knew what adventures lie ahead of us? We weren’t worried. After all, there were fellow hikers on the trail too! They just had a head start.

The sights throughout the hike were beautiful. It’s crazy how nature can be. How there’s beauty amid the chaotic placement of the boulders, fallen trees, shrubs, & plants. How the creek manages to weave throughout the ground. How, even with the four of us navigating, we barely made a sound in the vast expansive canyon.

This was probably the only time where I truly felt disconnected from the world.

As the sun rose, one thing was truly noticeable. Everything was glistening. The bright shiny reflection from the water made me feel as if we were travelling through a fantasy-fiction world. Maybe somewhere down along the road, we’d discover a new species or something. I don’t know. Everything was new. Everything was different. It was awesome.

We actually took a lot of breaks throughout the hike. It was tough. We were getting tired. There were several times where we thought we reached our destination but were fooled. Going through caves, scaling over massive boulders, and crossing slippery creeks were starting to take a toll on us. But we had to continue. If only we knew how far we went. . .

The trail suddenly ended. There was a sign that said we couldn’t go any further. What? What do you mean we couldn’t go any further? We made an executive decision, ignored the sign, and continued the hike. We had to be close. Why else would there be a sign?

We were hiking on an incline where there was water coming down against us. It wasn’t like a waterfall or anything but enough that’ll make us slip, fall, and break our ankles. And that’s when we saw it.

It looked like a giant subway tunnel! It was pretty cool. Drawn to it like a moth to a flame, we carefully picked up the pace to see what lies ahead.

Walking in deeper, we were extremely cautious as the water flow increased. Again, we weren’t in above our heads here but with the slippery slope, it was difficult to navigate around.

It was amazing there. There were these deep pools of frigid water. It was crystal clear. I saw straight to the bottom and it was crazy deep. If I knew how to swim, I would’ve jumped in. The hike was a long journey but this was definitely worth the trip. Sights like this, I’m glad to have seen and experienced it in my lifetime.

We were all taking pictures and enjoying the view when two fellow hikers joined us. They were friendly and we got to talking. They were a married couple and seemed really adventurous. Well, not seemed. They were.

The guy was super excited, he changed out of his clothes and jumped into the pool! It was freaking awesome. I only wished we did just that.

Him and his wife even wander deeper in! I thought we couldn’t go in anymore as there were pools of water everywhere but that didn’t stop them. They came back and told us there was a waterfall we HAD to check out.

Uh, yes please! After several minutes of convincing everyone and even myself, we were on the way!

Holy crap, the water was cold. Freezing cold. It was scary trying to get there too as I didn’t know how to swim. I was clinging onto the sharp jagged rocks (trying not to hurt myself mind you) and moving from one pool to the next until I got to the end. I have to admit, it was a little embarrassing.

Towards the end, there was a small cave where a waterfall fell through. Like out of a movie, a ray of light shined down.  Again, amazing. To think, we would’ve missed this hidden gem if we hadn’t decided to go through. We took a picture smiling as the Antarctic water fell onto us (I don’t know where the picture is). Surely, one of the best memories on this trip.

As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t spend the whole day there. We still had to trek back out of the canyon.  The sun was at its highest point and we were soaked. It was time to rest up, dry up, and eat up before heading back.

I remember sitting on the hard rock surface drying off. I was in my boxers but that didn’t matter. There was nobody else around except for us. I’ve mentioned that it gets hot in Zion but after dipping into the cold water, the blazing heat was just what we needed.

The hike back up was long. There was a point where we thought we missed our entrance! Everything looked the same. The sun was setting and I know I panicked for a split second. I didn’t want to be stranded. We didn’t see any wildlife but hey, they might be coming out at night!

The Subway Route in Zion was definitely the most adventurous hikes I’ve ever been on. It only made sense to me that I splurged on ice-cream once I was near the campgrounds.


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