Somewhere, Sometime Ago – Road Trip 2012: Zion National Park – Angels Landing

Our next stop on our cross country road trip: Zion National Park in Utah! But first, the long drive there. We packed our bags and took with us our memories of what would be one of the greatest trips we’ve been on. We were headed to Cedar City Regional Airport in Utah to pick up Jullet’s two friends, Cynthia & Michelle.

Never had I seen so much open road, space, and land. We shot straight across Nevada into Utah. Didn’t really see a lot in the desert except for wild horses. Jullet and I think they were mustangs. Oh yeah, I also saw a tumbleweed as well! It was just slowly rolling across the ground as I was hitting 80+ mph. Vroom Vroom!

Out of all the places we’ve visited during our road trip. Utah, hands down, was my personal favorite. There was so much natural beauty in all of the national parks we’ve visited. The weather wasn’t too shabby too! We were there in the middle of June and it was nice and hot (though it can be sweltering at times). What stood out the most were the colors. The warm tones of orange, red, and brown were everywhere.

Our first trail at Zion was Angel’s Landing. At the beginning of the trail head, there was a sign that was posted with the included information:

Since 2004, six people have died falling from the cliffs on this route

Wait, what? Are you serious? It was going to be a short hike compared to the one we just did back in Yosemite (Cloud’s Rest), 1.1 miles, but with a climb 1,400 feet above in that short amount of time. Yikes. Our legs were on fire! FIYAH!

Oh, and can’t ignore the ‘caution’ sign at the start of the trail hrm?

I have to admit, the trail isn’t for the faint of heart. There were periods of time where we were holding onto a chain (for dear life mind you) just so we wouldn’t fall off cliff. It also doesn’t help when there are a whole lot of people coming from the opposite direction and the path is only as wide as your foot.

We started the hike early in the day but as the sun continued to rise, we were only halfway up and starting to feel the heat. I don’t know about the girls but I was set on finishing before getting caught under the scorching desert sun.

At the top, the views were well worth it. I know we traveled to a different park and a different state but I just couldn’t believe the dramatic change in the geography. What a difference from Yosemite!

We finished our hike and decided to end our adventurous day by going on another hike! The second hike wasn’t really a hike but more of a walk. The trail was called Riverside Walk and it’s exactly that. A nice walk along the river. Once we got to the river, we just took a well deserved break. The girls went towards the water to cool off their feet and I laid in the shade.

Even though I was on the ground, with the calm flow of the river and the shade under the tree against the desert heat,  I was so comfortable I could’ve fell asleep.

One thing I remembered were squirrels running everywhere and they weren’t afraid of people. They actually got to be quite annoying. Signs were posted informing the public to not feed the wildlife as they might get used to it yet I saw plenty of people doing so. The squirrels were FAT!

The little rascals were even going into backpacks on the ground and stealing food. Funny to watch but I would’ve been disappointed if that happened to me.

At the end of our first day at Zion, it was success! Our next adventure? The Subway Route in the Zion Wilderness!


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