Family Above All

Just a quick post as I have my family on my mind.

Since moving out to Seattle in 2012 (I know, it’s only been one year), I’ve managed to make it back home and see them twice. For me, it’s difficult because I’ve always been with my family. Hell, I’ve been living with them my whole life! Coming from NYC, you simply don’t move out unless you need to. That, or you’re just filthy rich. But seriously!

Every now and then though, I call them more often than I should. I call my mom the most. I’m always updating her about my whereabouts and whatnot. Of course, the phone then gets passed to my siblings where we catch up for a split second, then to my grandma, where she would be cooking dinner and always jokingly ask if I wanted some. My dad, at times, I swear he’s a little too confident in me. But I suppose that’s a good thing. Maybe even a great thing. He’s always been a straight shooter and tells me as it is.

Christmas 2009

What I miss the most? Dinner with the family. Lunch with the family. Outings with the family. Just simply kicking it with them. Shit, we don’t go out a lot but instead, we always roll deep. 10-15 deep and we’re loud. Effing loud. But whatever. I embrace it. We’re Cantonese and proud of it. I guess I never expected that I would be missing them as much as I thought I would be (damn, I’m such a sap).

Until I see them again.. Family above all. Missing you guys from Seattle.


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