Until Next Summer

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? Beaches, barbecues, parties, vacations, etc. Whatever it is, summer is simply amazing. With its extended hours of daylight, clear blue skies, and the warm sun shining down, its the season most loved by us all. It feels like an eternity for it to arrive though! When it does, summer always seem to come and go in a hurry.

I remember during my college days, summer break was simply amazing. Why? Well, for me, it was about three months off (if I didn’t choose to take summer classes). Having that much time off as a working adult? Hrm, chances are slim to none. Looking back at it, there are things I would’ve done differently.

On the rooftop garden of Bastille Cafe & Bar in Seattle, WA

On the rooftop garden of Bastille Cafe & Bar in Seattle, WA

One thing for sure, I would’ve made plans to travel a lot more. It doesn’t matter whether it’s abroad or domestically but instead, to get myself out there and experience other places and cultures (and FOOD!). However, I’m now making up for some lost time! Last year, I was able to have a cross country road trip with my cousin. It was an experience to be remembered. The sights and scenery were breathtaking (blog post in the future?) and it truly opened my eyes that there’s so much out there that we need to see and explore.

As for the remaining time of 2013! I have some travel plans set up in the next upcoming months. The itinerary: San Francisco. Vietnam. Hong Kong.

Needless to say, I’m super excited for the adventures and shenanigans that lie ahead. Stay with me.


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