A Day at the Kathy Casey Food Studios

When I tell people that I’m an intern at the Kathy Casey Food Studios, they usually ask me what I do. As an intern, I suppose it’s a little bit of everything. They gave me the title as an ‘editorial & visual media intern’ and I’ve been doing just that and more. Now, to be honest, I’ve never heard of her until I found the posting on Craigslist. I asked people I knew and worked with if they had ever heard of her. I even searched up ‘Kathy Casey’ on YouTube! Finally meeting her during my first interview, she has a fun and outgoing personality. Definitely, a celebrity chef persona. One might even call her a diva!

Occasionally, I write up rough drafts for her blog. Various topics include book reviews, national food holidays, and seasonal food items. I also assist and help when there’s a video shoot for her online show, Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen. Since I’ve been here, there’s been one shoot and a surprising amount of work goes into filming one short video clip. We shot several clips that day and it took the whole day. It’s cool to see behind the scenes what goes on. Then, when you watch the final video, you realize that it’s only several minutes long!

I’ve also been on one photo shoot outside of the studio and it was pretty impressive. Now, I can’t say who or what the photo shoot was for but the quality of work produced was crazy. I was definitely was able to learn a few tips and tricks in food styling and photography. Most recently, we shot some more pictures (at the studio) and I remembered to snap a few of my own! Of course, we were using a professional grade camera so the final pictures doesn’t compare to the ones I took with my phone.

We shot three cocktails for the upcoming holiday season and again, I was able to see how it all goes down. From assembling the shoot, to crafting the cocktail right before we take the picture, I’m learning and helping anyway possible. There are of course, some downtime whenever we wait for the final picture to be approved by Kathy. Just when I thought a picture looked good, her input would always make the photograph better.

Occasionally, I would be helping in the kitchen for a little food/beverage research and development. It’s fun tasting different concoctions and choosing which one was my favorite. Hopefully, my opinion helps out! Finally, there always seem to be some kind of event that we host at the food studio. With any kind of event, everyone seems to be more on the edge but in the end, it always turns out successful.

There’s a lot that goes on here and everyone has a helping hand in everything.

As always, stayed tuned for more shenanigans!


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