A ‘Hidden’ Gem

It was another dinner with her parents but this time, she wasn’t there. She was on vacation with her girlfriends. For most, this scenario might be slightly intimidating. Eating dinner alone with the girlfriend’s parents? The idea alone is just plain frightening! BUT, luckily for me, this doesn’t apply to me. I’d like think that our relationship is a special one. I won’t really go into detail but I’m pretty sure that they’re happy with me (I hope I didn’t jinx myself).

Dinner was enjoyable as always. It was the typical routine of eating, watching the news, and catching up with each other. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention that her mom always insist I eat more. I know all moms do this but every time it happens, it’s just nice reminder of how my own mom does this to me as well (I miss her)! Of course I listen and finish everything on the table.

It was until after dinner where all the dishes were washed and she’s at the table, peeling a whole lot of pears. I took a piece and ate it.

‘Where did you buy these? These are really good.’
‘We grew them! They’re in the yard!’
‘In the yard?’
‘Yeah! The tree grows 5 different kinds of pears. It’s all organic too!’

So I had to go out to the yard and check out this tree. I’ve always seen it there but never paid much attention to it. The pears were practically weighing down the tree itself! The pencil thin branches were on the verge of snapping at any given moment. I look around and found more goodies tucked away.

Strawberries! They were growing strawberries as well. I was tempted to pluck one off and give it a taste (but I felt bad ..LOL). Headed back inside, I noticed the ground was dotted with what I thought to be random plants. Getting closer, it was a bed of herbs. A small variety of mint and basil.

Little did I know, this backyard was a miniature garden and for me, a hidden gem, right under my nose. Maybe I should go visit our neighbor, Jennifer (Missed the post? Check out my post about her garden here!), and share with her the pears we have. It’ll be like the olden times where people will trade each other goods and services!



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