Il Courvo in Pioneer Square

So I had yesterday off and didn’t have anything planned. I wanted to catch up with my good friend, Aaron, though. Aaron and I cooked together for over a year until recently, when I decided to leave the line and move onto other endeavors. I consider him to be my first friend here in Seattle since I’ve moved in 2012. Throughout the year at the restaurant, we’ve been through quite a bit. There would be nights where we would get slammed by a ton of covers and then there are the slow nights where we would just kick it and talk, I’m sure glad I was able to meet a person as genuine as him.

What was on the agenda for the day? Lunch. He hasn’t had an opportunity to check out Il Courvo since they’ve reopened at their new location so this would be the day. I’ve been to Il Courvo before and if you haven’t heard about them, you’ve gotta check them out. Also, don’t forget to check out my post about my first visit there.

While waiting on line, we decided that we would order all three pastas that were available. Everything was delicious. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the seasoning was spot on. We were talking about which dish was better than which but I wasn’t able to choose. I loved them all. The tomatoes in the cavatelli was just what I wanted during the late, humid, summer afternoon. The cresti de gallo was chock full of flavor and the braised chicken was melt in your mouth tender. Finally, the tagliarini had just enough kick in the spicy prosciutto pomodoro.

The fun part about lunch? We were sitting next to two elderly women and they offered some of their olives to us without hesitation. They were super friendly and sweet and a short conversation about food is what I love sitting at communal tables. You never know who you’ll get to meet.

Until next time my dude, it’s been real.


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