The Other Coast in Ballard

For most of us, food brings us back in time to a good, or even great, memory in our lives. Growing up with my siblings, I remember when we would rummage through the kitchen in search for snacks and other food stuffs. More than I can remember, one thing always stood out to me. Italian bread with Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Yep. That was it. And it was so. Freaking. Good.

Looking back to it, it sounds pretty unappetizing. Hell, maybe even disgusting! (Especially if you think about what mayonnaise is made of, all that oil and fat, yum!) But for us, it was our thing. Obviously, we eventually learned how to make bomb ass sandwiches y’know. Anyway, that memory came to mind the other day when I had a quick meal before I went to work.

The Other Coast Cafe, is a sandwich shop in Ballard that I always see people going to. They’re always carrying out these massive sandwiches wrapped in deli paper and I was simply curious.It’s far from fancy when you walk in. I mean, it is a sandwich joint. There’s a enormous menu behind the counter that offers a variety of sandwiches. Oh yeah, can’t forget to mention the fun names that they label their sandwiches with. The Dybwad, The Mantooth, & The Throwdown, just to name a few.

Since there was quite the selection to choose from, I asked the lady what to try. She pointed to a hot sandwich, Rajun Cajun, which is something they’re known for; Cajun Turkey, Pepper Jack Cheese, Tomato, Onion, SPICY Salsa, Mayo. As delicious as that sounded, it was hot so I opted for a cold sandwich. The Italiano. Nothing too crazy. It had Roast Beef, Salami, Provolone, Tomato, Lettuce, Mayo, Mustard, & Oil and Vinegar.

And let me tell you, it hit the spot. I made sure to wash it all down with a Thomas Kemper Black Cherry Soda. I’ve never heard of this soda before and since I don’t really drink alcoholic beverages, I am huge fan of craft sodas. 15 minutes later, and my food was gone. I was satisfied and left feeling good. You know, that feeling when you found a good place to eat.

It’s no Italian bread & mayo with my siblings, I tell ya. But I’m glad that memory is still there.


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