The Neighbors Market

On my way home this past Saturday afternoon, I drove by a sign that read ‘fresh eggs’. I’ve seen this sign once before never had a chance to check it out. This time, without hesitation, I followed the sign, excited to see what other goodies I would find.Tucked underneath a tree was this tiny simple stand. It reminds me of something you’d find along the country side road. Stocked with fresh chicken eggs, sweet tomatoes, crisp zucchinis and cucumbers, crunchy peas, and home-made jam, this little stand had it all.

The neighbor, Jennifer, was super friendly and was kind enough to show us her chickens and around her garden (I asked). Along with the produce she was selling, she was also growing chard, cabbage, tomatillos, ozette potatoes, corn, & a variety of plants, herbs, and greens. She was also able to collect rain water with three huge containers, which, during the wet season, can be over 100 gallons!

Needless to say, I couldn’t just leave without trying some goodies. I bought a dozen eggs and a half pound of sweet cherry tomatoes to snack on.

Come Sunday morning, I knew I wanted to eat. Sunny eggs and sauteed tomatoes. Nothing better than simple ingredients prepared in the most simplest way. The best part? She told me that she’ll be harvesting more within the next couple weeks. I just hope I have time to stop by again.


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