Lesson 16 – Poultry

Super STOKED since my partner is back! and WOW, what a difference it made.SO! It was another night of poultry! Tonight, we tackled duck & squab. We butchered the duck, braised the legs so it’s nice and tender, & sauteed the breast so all the fat can be rendered out leaving a nice, crispy, skin. ALSO, made a lovely sauce to accompany the duck and wow ..just ..freaking ..CRACK

Sauteed Breast & Braised Leg of Duckling w. Orange Sauce

Also, prepared a some squab ..although the recipe name states ‘quail’. For those who don’t know, a squab is a young pigeon; it’s funny how there are so many pigeons in NYC but I’m SURE no one would eat THAT xD

So yeah, stuffed the squab with a rice & sausage stuffing, browned in a pan, and finished in the oven. The hardest part of the dish?! The damn potato basket ..never had it broke on me SO many times.. Anyway, enjoy the pictures as always. 

Pan-Roasted Quail w. Rice & Sausage Stuffing in a Gaufrette Potato Basket 


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