Cook Out NYC @ Governor’s Island – Historic Colonel’s Row

Volunteered today @ Cook Out NYC. Between greeting guests at the ticket lines and hopping to all the different food stands, I must say, this is a great first trip to Governor’s Island. All pictures are taken on the BlackBerry since I didn’t have time to whip out my camera for each pic ..but I must admit, these pictures aren’t all that bad! Anyway, enjoy the pics. Next event?! Meatopia on July 23! Check it out!

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 6 (I actually was at the WRONG pier so I had to travel into Manhattan and catch the ferry there. No worries though, only 1 hr late).

The Farm Truck! A whole variety of herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, & mini-watermelons growing in the back of your truck. Awesome.

A GREAT way to kick off the day? Taiwanese Ice w. Red Bean, Fruity Pebbles & Sweetened Condensed Milk

@ Fatty Cue – ‘Cue Coriander Bacon; Yellow Curry Custard, seasonal pickles, toast ..seriously had about 5? Alright, I’m exaggerating.. 3? 

Look at all the pork.. DROOLS

@ Carnitas ..line was RIDICULOUS but look how pretty it is haha

I think this was a Miso Pork Sandwich w. chips & pickles

Some kind of pork sandwich ..or brisket? I don’t know, but I do remember eating the whole damn thing. NOM NOM NOM ;D

“Buffalo” Steak tarter ..I had two of these. So delicious.

Beef Tongue! Surprisingly tender

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Kale Salad w. Sunflower seeds & Cidar Vinaigrette

Kielbasa Sandwich this time in day, I was too full. Only at the Kielbasa -_-

Blackened Chicken. I know it’s called blackened chicken ..but it was a little too burnt for me. But the chicken was nice and moist?

Kimchi Chili Dog! Too full to eat a full one ..but it was already cut in half & I still wasn’t able to finish it :(

@ Wooly’s Ice, they make their own ice where they combine their own flavors and add their toppings. By the time I went to the stand, they ran out of cups, spoons, AND toppings ..only the coconut flavored ice for me ..but so awesome.

Kimchi eating contest! The girl in the bottom right corner won :O


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