Celebration in the Neighborhood

Went to check out the local Chinese New Year celebration on Sunday. I want to say parade, but there’s no one/nothing parading around ..I’ll stick with celebration. With 10 blocks closed to traffic, it’s simply a big walkway for families to come, buy party poppers, confetti rocket blasters, silly string, and just have a good time. It’s nothing special, but I think we all love it. 

The Brooklyn Chinese Association arranges the celebration annually. Their offices being right on the avenue, it’s no surprise as to where the lion dance and firecracker display will be.

Silly string ..everywhere. The NYPD is spared no mercy.

These two little girls were throwing party poppers at the truck. I’m sure they’re having a blast =D (I’m not sure what they’re called, but it’s small, white, and when you throw it, it pops. Poppers maybe?)

I’m sure it’s all fun and games ..this officer doesn’t seem to mind.

My cousins awesome dogs. 


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